Affinity Collection


There are some bonds so strong that they defy the laws of nature. Friends, lovers, sisters, mothers and daughters — even when they are apart, they’re connected.

Inspired by women and connection, the Affinity collection was designed to see us through this storm and bring us closer to the women who mean the most to us.

Two halves of the same design, sharing and wearing an Affinity pendant is the most beautiful and expressive way to show the ones you love how much you care.

Ocean-safe and water-proof, our necklaces are designed to never be taken off. Set out on all your wild adventures, knowing you’ve got the one you love with you.

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Charmed Collection


We are all remarkably different, and that is something that should be celebrated. Choose a letter, zodiac and element to create a charm bracelet that is completely you.

Inspired by love and friendship, The Charmed collection was created to celebrate your chosen unique combination. Select charms honouring those closest to you, or charms that symbolise who you are. Let your bracelet be a reflection of whatever you want it to represent.

Ocean-safe and water-proof, these bracelets are designed to be worn wherever you go. Travel through your day-to-day life celebrating you or keeping those you love, close to you.

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Seaside Collection

The seaside collection was created for the walking mermaid. It was inspired by the women we are and who we want to be.

"She lapped against the shore, restless like the sea, ready for any adventure, that blew along her way."

- Atticus

Made with sterling silver and 14k gold this means that you can wear your jewellery always.

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With Love Collection

The ocean, and the natural beauty and healing it provides, has always led me on a path back to my true self. It's wild energy can anchor you effortlessly, in the present.

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” – Robert Wylan

When I feel lost in self-doubt, insecurity or anxiety, I feel cleansed and clear-minded after something as simple as swimming in the saltwater. Natural elements of the ocean like pastel shells dusting the shoreline, soft ripples of untouched sand and glistening turquoise water, come together and recharge me creatively.

You will notice a beautiful sea siren and shell encrusted design featured throughout this collection. Amongst palm trees, gemstones, and beautiful natural elements that sometimes we don’t take time to appreciate in our daily life. When life feels ugly or hard, we don’t notice the beauty that surrounds us. This collection is designed to inspire you to find beauty in each day. When you are struggling to give yourself the positive affirmations your mind deserves, look to these pieces. You will find words of inspiration, to keep you going.

I hope these designs bring you a sense of calm and clarity - the way the ocean has for me, on my journey to self-love and acceptance.

With love, Ash

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