Charm Bracelet in Silver

Charm Bracelet in Silver


We are all remarkably different, and that is something that should be celebrated. Choose a letter, zodiac and element to create a charm bracelet that is completely you.

Inspired by love and friendship, The Charmed collection was created to celebrate your chosen unique combination. Select charms honouring those closest to you, or charms that symbolise who you are. Let your bracelet be a reflection of whatever you want it to represent.

Ocean-safe and water-proof, these bracelets are designed to be worn wherever you go. Travel through your day-to-day life celebrating you or keeping those you love, close to you.


Bracelet: Small 16cm - Medium 17.5cm - Large 19cm


Pendant: 15mm x 15mm (approx)

Chain thickness: 8mm


Made from 925 Sterling Silver (water safe)

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