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Lion Wild


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made with love

the perfect gift

Lion Wild is a jewellery brand that creates moments through connection. Our joint jewellery is packed with a meaningful description card ensuring that your gift will mean even more.

Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to either empower, encourage self love or connect you to the people you care about. Whether you are connecting with yourself, your best friend, your sister, your mum or your partner, these pieces have been made for you.

our story

About the brand

I found myself dreaming of creating a brand that I would be proud of. I wanted to start a label that was unique to me and therefore unpretentious and easy. I knew that a brand like this would be hard to put a name to, so I jotted down hundreds of words that resembled who I was or who I aspired to be.  The words I fell in love with were 'Lion', for the lionhearted and 'Wild', for those who cannot be tamed.