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Article: Lucky Girl - Talisman Collection

Lucky Girl - Talisman Collection

Lucky Girl - Talisman Collection

Introducing the Talisman collection. 

This collection is perfect for those in search of high quality, meaningful jewellery pieces to treat themselves or others with. 

The collection features four stunning Talisman necklaces with matching bracelets, all available in gold and silver.

By wearing a Talsiman, you will be guided, empowered and protected from danger, evil, harm, and sickness.


With this collection, feel confident you are gifting a piece that will be treasured and truly memorable. Whether it be a friend or loved one starting a new chapter or a new venture, this collection provides an abundance of special meaning that the recipient will greatly appreciate. 

The pieces in this collection are designed to have meaningful purpose and bring good luck and positivity to the wearer. Gifting jewellery with meaning gives you the ability to encapsulate memories and connections in tangible form. 


The Talisman collection features four meaningful and symbolic designs that ward off negative energy and attracts positive forces into your life. 

By wearing a talisman, you reflect the human desire for protection, guidance and empowerment.

Let these pieces become your personal ancours, grounding you to your beliefs and intentions and a reminder yourself to be true to who you are.

Talismans have been around for many, many years and there are a number reasons someone may choose to wear one.

Firstly, is protection. Talismans provide protection from negative energies and evil spirits. They act as a shield against harm, both physical and spirital. 

Secondly, and popularily is good luck. Many talismans are associated with bringing good luck and positive outcomes. People wear them to attract fortune, success and favourable circumstances in their lives. 

Additionally, many wear a talisman for as source of confidence and empowerment. This equates to boosting self-esteem and mental strength. 

Lastly, talisamans can hold personal significance. People often choose at alisman that represent their individual beliefs, aspirations and goals, allowing them to be a personal inspiration. We hope that our collection resinates with you and allows you find the perfect talisman for yourself and your loved ones. 

All symbols are available in gold and silver as well as necklaces and bracelets. 


Our talisman collection features four symbols. Key, Clover, Angel numbers and Hamsa. 



The key is one of the oldest known symbols of luck. This symbol will assist in unlocking your physical and spiritual barriers, allowing you to grow to your full potential.

If you are looking for a sense of protection, this talisman is perfect for you. Use this symbol to

unlock the future that you have always dreamed of.

This piece is perfect for someone who is looking to take a leap of faith and unlock the next chapter of their lives. 



The four leaves of this clover stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. It is a natural symbol that will bring luck and fortune to those who have them. 

By wearing this necklace you will bring luck with you wherever you go, perfect for travelling the world.  

This meaningful piece is  perfect to gift someone who is in need of some good luck for their new beginning. Whether this be a new job, a new home or simply a new adventure. 



This angel number 777 encourages self-discovery and personal growth. Take this piece as a reminder to take time for yourself and embrace solitaire. Whether this is taking a daily solo beach walk or mindful meditation at the end of a busy day.

This piece will help you to stay away from negative distractions and focus on what is next for you. Whether that be a new chapter in life, a new venture or focusing on what is at hand. 

Wearing this symbol will allow you to work to bring positive change where you need it most. 



The Hamsa is an iconic symbol that will protect you from negative energy and bring good luck. It will attract health, fortune, and abundance. It serves as a powerful symbol of unity, faith and and can serve as a blessing to those who wear it. 

When wearing this symbol it will ward off negativity and invite happiness into your life.


To learn more about each piece, visit our Talisman collection page. 

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