Care Instructions

Please ensure that you read our care instructions before purchasing.

The most important thing to note is that our items are water safe but this does not include products and chemicals. As the jewellery is plated, it may start to fade over time but if your items come into contact with products such as soap, shampoo, moisturiser, perfume etc the plating can start to chip. 

Please feel free to get your items wet but make sure to take your pieces off when you are using a product such as the ones listed above.

In more detail:


Wearing jewellery in the ocean is absolutely fine but it is important to know that salt water and the ocean are corrosive and can be a harsh environment for your Lion Wild jewellery. So, although your jewellery will not tarnish or turn your skin green, the gold plating can fade a lot faster in this environment and become lighter and revealing the silver underneath. Don't worry though! Not for a long time.


The thing that you should be careful of it is harsh products in the shower. Tap water will rarely have affect or react with your jewellery. That being said, if you shower or take a bath and submerge your jewellery in harsher chemicals this can compromise the jewellery. 


Swimming with Lion Wild jewellery is not recommended as you will be coming into contact with water that has chemicals like chlorine that will interact with your jewellery more dramatically than fresh water and soap.