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I found myself dreaming of creating a brand that I would be proud of. I wanted to start a label that was unique to me and therefore unpretentious and easy. I knew that a brand like this would be hard to put a name to, so I jotted down hundreds of words that resembled who I was or who I aspired to be.  The words I fell in love with were Lion, for the lionhearted and Wild, for those who cannot be tamed. 

On the first day of Summer in 2017 in a small flat in St Kilda, Lion Wild was born. There was nothing glamorous about this situation, just a girl who worked in a full time job that lived by the beach and wanted something more. 

"just a girl that lived by the beach and wanted something more"

I needed Lion Wild to be true to who I was which meant able to be worn everywhere. I wanted simple staple pieces that people would fall in love with and never have to take off. My jewellery is made from solid 925 sterling silver and 14k gold plating which means that you can wear your jewellery always and do not have to worry about removing it before you go in the ocean. 

Lion Wild is still a small brand and I am still living by the beach, but the difference is I now have a brand that I love, am proud of and is mine.